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Custom Hand Made Tactical Tools.

Guaranteed, Tested, Battle Proven. The Toughest knife you can own...




Crusader Forge Knives are contentiously tested  to ensure highest endurance in all aspects of knife use. From cutting Manila ropes to chopping hardwoods and exposing our blades to extreme side-loading  we constantly develop/test our blades to withstand extreme abuse.

How good is good enough?

Our answer is: it is never good enough.

We choose the best materials, together with best heat treating and manufacturing methods to provide our customers with the blade they can Trust in Any Situation. From 20 000 feet above to 400 feet below.

Breaking Strength:

During destructive testing by the Messer Magazin our TCFM 02 knife broke at the pressure of 1,4 tons or equivalent of 2800 pounds!



The question is:

Do you still want to trust your $100 knife?







 Testing point strength.






 Point side-loading.






 Reverse Grip.








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